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Performance, protection and comfort are sculpted into a new dimension of style with an interchangeable lens design that keeps you a step ahead of changing light conditions. The latest evolution of our coveted Half Jacket sunglass, it wraps your vision in the razor-sharp clarity of High Definition Optics (HDO). Wherever your sport takes you, youll have the all-day comfort of a lightweight design that can take punishing abuse while serving up premium optical technology.Our original Half Jacket became essential gear for athletes, and version 2.0 takes the proud heritage to the next level of design. But when it came to protection and comfort, we werent about to mess with the best, so we made it with the same lightweight O Matter frame materi...

Oakley sunglasses is perfect

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Icon Image for Moving an Exhisting SiteExcellent glasses. I've been wearing Maui Jims (which I also like), and tried these on when I was shopping with someone else. The difference was immediately obvious. They got tested on several bikes and quad bike rides out in the desert (the things you do for an amazon review....) and they were perfect.

Oakley sunglasses Sale

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Icon Image for Moving an Exhisting SiteOakley sunglasses are large and look good if you have a medium to large head, otherwise, pick a smaller model. The polarized lenses are nice!

Oakley sunglasses definately are not going to fall off of your face

Starting at $250 one-time setup & $19.95 monthly fee

Icon Image for Moving an Exhisting SiteOakley sunglasses definately are not going to fall off of your face. They have little rubber grips on the legs and on the eye piece so they stay firmly in place which is great for exercise. They shield the sun well and seem to be UVA protectant. They are comfortable to wear as well.

Oakley eyewear has earned such a good reputation for being stylish, comfortable, and protective. Lenses are available in both polarised and standard shades, all of which are available in a variety of colours. Many people have had their vision saved by these incredible lenses, made possible by the ingenuity of American material engineers. Oakley harnesses the potential of the lightweight space-age material called Lexan, to protect and serve the free world while appealing to the company's ever unflinching loyal customer base.

We're sure you'll find a suitable style

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Their lifestyle ranges for men and women feature up to the minute fashion, with understated and oversized style to suit any face, with their patented O-Matter and metal frames. Just take a look at the selection below.

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